Kanaal Vervoordt r.e, Wijnegem

mixed-use project housing project in collaboration with BODGAN & VAN BROECK

A very large cluster of partially empty but highly valuable industrial structures is transformed into a mixed-use project of more than 40 000 m². Along a program of workshops, offices, underground car park and showrooms for Axel Vervoordt, the majority of the site is reallocated to housing. The project is designed by: Jens Aerts (masterplan), BOGDAN & VAN BROECK, Stéphane Beel and Coussée & Goris (architecture) and Michel Desvigne (landscaping).

BOGDAN & VAN BROECK are responsible for the construction of 11 000 m² of workshops and underground car park, 8000 m² of apartments, and for the conversion of 1000 m² of industrial space. The proposal is structured as a sequence of outdoor rooms – “rooms with a view”- articulated through a scenic plateau which connects to the canal. A new housing typology was developed by stacking individual duplexes in 3 dimensions. The morphologies of these duplexes result from the integration of qualities and constraints such as sunlight, privacy, view, the inclusion of winter gardens and the desire to provide each apartment with three facades. The project combines a high density with a unique quality of life and an individual character for each residence. I am now working on the execution of this project.

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