Project DAN, Brussels
In the city centre of Brussels I have in collaboration with Axel Clissen started the transformation of a historical apartment of the '20.
Campus UNESCO, Koekelberg
Extension and transformation of an elementary school and secondary school in collaboration with BOGDAN & VAN BROECK
Kanaal Vervoordt r.e, Wijnegem
mixed-use project housing project in collaboration with BODGAN & VAN BROECK
Academiestraat, Ghent
Housing design contest in collaboration with BOGDAN & VAN BROECK
House for Floris, Knokke
Design for the restoration of a small row-house on a deep plot in a Belgian coastal town. In collaboration with Axel Clissen
Offices TDK, Laarne
The transformation of an old warehouse to a modern and useful office space. The space kept its industrial appearance, but became clean and easy to use.
Social housing, Bolzano
The low energy multiple housing project in Bolzano is a project were I try to redesign two major themes; high density and ecology.
Art Hotel, Marseille
The Art hotel is a sustainable hotel, with the idea ‘touch the ground lightly’’ I layered the building following the layers of the landscape.